Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

How are you all today? I have had a bit of a hectic day today lovelies, but I am back now and with probably the most exciting Oscar news of the week, until the big day of course aha! Because us Brits and many of you lovelies are so looking forward to the idea of Leo bringing home the award it seems, especially the Odeon in Leicester Square. 

The world famous cinema is so excited in fact lovelies that they have renamed the venue in the lead up to the big day, calling it LEODEON instead! After a large number of us took part in the Odeon found that us brits want the actor to win more so than anyone else, as he finally deserves to take it home according to many. 

You will have to catch the sign quickly lovelies as it will only be up until Thursday, but it will definitely make the cinemas voice heard in the lead up to the big day, as it is only the second time that the venue has changed it for a special event. 

Speaking about the new name, Andy Edge, Commercial Director of ODEON UK & Ireland said; "Awards season always adds lots of excitement and magic to the year's film slate, with the race for Best Actor receiving much of the nation's attention. Our guests are backing Leo and we want to show our support too - it's about time he picked up a gong! With The Revenant picking up five BAFTAs we reckon this is the start of a large award cabinet for the film and Leo."

I HOPE LEO WINS SO MUCH! COME ON LEO! (I do love you to Eddie, but Leo needs to win aha!)

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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