Hey Lovelies, 

Starring some huge names, including Richard Gere, I was exciting (not as excited as my mum!) to sit down and enjoy the film 'The Benefactor'! And boy did it deliver! 

This thriller presents multiply sides to Gere's character that keep audience members guessing throughout. With continuous twists and dark sequences, the film manages to hook in audiences from the word go. 

However there are a few problems with the film, as the dark twists are let down with the easy abilities viewers will have at guessing who has done what and for what reason they have done it and this is all because of the films script. 

While it starts off being a strong original piece, the lines start to become a bit repetitive making the films plot go on a bit of a downward spiral. 

And because of this I am going to give this film...

3 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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