Hey Lovelies, 

After the success of the American version, 'The Sound of Music Live' came to England and charmed us all over the Christmas period. 

With all the classic songs and an amazing set, the ITV adaptation have audiences the perfect treat, with the greatest actors to take on such iconic roles. 

Kata Tointon manages to captivate audiences in a way in which she has never done before, showing her true acting talents and incredible singing voice that she has kept hidden for a long time. While it would have always been hard to match Julie Andrews original Maria, Kata does a brilliant job and proves everyone that she can be places in any role. 

And the same goes for most of her cast. Placing famous faces in roles many would not expect them to be in the show proved that they could play them and do a great job at it. 

There is a real beauty to the show though and that is the impressive sets. While they have obviously been created to show audiences how creative they were being, the ease and beauty of the whole piece really stands out and shines. 

And because of this I am giving the live version...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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