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We are back today with another great interview from the makers of the upcoming film ‘Cumulus’ lovelies and today I am sharing with you all the great interview I did with the animator of the film, Ryan Lancaster lovelies! 

Together we spoke about his visions for the film, how he achieved something so beautiful and his reactions to his creations…

Firstly how did you become an animator and what was it about the industry that made you want to be one?
As a child I was always fascinated by animation. I would spend hours watching re-run of Wacky Races and The Beatles animated movie, it really caught my imagination. I’ve always had a desire to create my own stories but for a long time I didn’t know how. It’s only when browsing the internet and seeing independent animators upload their own animations did I realise that animation was something that one person could actually do. I started playing around with animation software at school and found it really rewarding to animate.

When you were first made aware of Cumulus, what was it that made you want to be the animator for the film?
I was first made aware of Cumulus when the team emailed me about looking for animators for the project. It caught my eye as I was looking for animation work and it was quite rare for someone to come in contact out of the blue with an animation project. As I looked into the project more I started to get interested in the story and the style of the art.

There is something within the film that reminds me a lot of the work in which Studio Ghibli did, was there any moment in which when making the film that you were inspired by the work of other animators? 
Yes the style is very reminiscent of Studio Ghibli, which is quite an intimidating comparison! As the sole animator of the project it would be ridiculous to expect a perfect recreation of that style, but I’ve tried my best. Seeing the initial artwork for the animation I was reminded of animation such as Ernest and Celestine and The Snowman.

Were you given any rules or guidelines when working on the films animations, or was the director and producer open to you developing the film through your vision? 
I was given a storyboard and script to work with, but the director and producer were always open to feedback and changes. This would mainly revolve around slight timing changes or slight changes in scenes, nothing major. It is ultimately their project and I just try best to replicate what they want.

The film is currently applying to be shown at a number of film festivals, what is it about this film that you think makes it so different to others? 
It’s a very positive story with a happy ending, which is nice! Not to say that stories taking on darker subjects or stories steeped in cynicism are bad of course, it’s just nice to occasionally have a simple story with a positive message. 

The film is about appreciating the people around you, who do you appreciate for helping you so much while making this film?
My parent for housing me while this project was going on, God knows they must be sick of me, haha! My friends for offering me encouragement and advice throughout the whole project. The Cumulus team for this exciting opportunity to work on such a cool project.

Finally are you working on your next project yet? If so could you tell us something about it?
I’m currently working on a series of very short, very silly animations with a friend right now! Featuring a ridiculous detective and his stoic partner who is a ghost. Very early days right now but I’m excited to be working on it!

I have one more special interview on Friday with the crew behind this great film lovelies and it is the big one! Oh yes it is the interview I did with the film’s director, so have a look out for it then! 

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