Hey Lovelies, 

Recently I have been getting really into box sets and while I will admit that I have never really watched a lot of NCIS, I was intrigued by their new series ‘NCIS New Orleans’, as I would love to visit this place so much and I wanted to see how it was captured in the show. 

Made up of a powerful cast, the show sees big cases being played out on screen from murders to utter mysteries in the beautiful city that so many know for its soulful scene. The show has a great script and brilliant storylines in each episode that the cast play out so well. 

In fact there isn’t many moments in the show that make you want to look away and it is really all down to the great acting that I know I have said before, but it is honestly so good in this show. Unlike the others I have seen before the cast in this version of NCIS make you feel as though you are on a journey with them, which may seem cheesy but when you watch it lovelies you will see what I mean. 

And with a great finale and opening set of episodes their magic is captured from the start right up until the end, which makes it even more watchable. 

Therefore I am giving the show…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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