Hey Lovelies, 

As someone with three young nieces and nephews I often find myself watching a lot of random animations and sequels, which included the new release ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ this week lovelies!

After a successful first film, the sequel follows on with Adam Sandler’s Dracula taking his grandson on a ghoulish journey to find out the true aspects and elements of a good scare, with his team tagging along to help him find his way. 

With so much happening and going on within the animation, it does provide a lot of laughs for young audience members to enjoy, however older audience members may find this one a bit dry. There is something about this film that makes it lack the magic the first film included, as the characters and situations seem like a repeat of moments lots of animations have done before. 

The characters are no longer as funny as they once were and with such high hopes stemming from the way they were in the first film, this sequel has lacked giving them the opportunities that they deserved to have given to them. 

Of course I will admit that the animation and style of the film is very clever and detailed throughout, but there is only so much in which the film can use this to help save it from the disaster that it sadly becomes. 

Unless audience members have young children I would suggest avoiding this as it lacks the magic of the first film and makes it hard to remember the good qualities within them. 

Which is why I am giving it…

2 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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