Happy Valentine’s Day Lovelies! 

For me I am going to be spending it single and I am absolutely fine with that to be honest aha! While I will admit it would be lovely to have a partner, I am happy to be on my own with all the food, films and dream men that I love aha! 

And it is them dream men that have inspired this post celebrating the big day lovelies. So grab your Cadbury’s Milk Tray, your hot chocolate and the girls and guys and snuggle up this Sunday and enjoy the big day with my dream collection…

The Notebook: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams! YASS! 

Bridget Jones Diary: A story that I hope ones day happens to me, as I would love a Colin Firth in my life aha!

Cruel Intentions: For me,  this film is a completely different film to enjoy on Valentine’s Day because of how it ends. But it is still a perfect love story. Anyone who has seen it will know why. 

Walk the Line: Oh my! This film is one of my favourites and I think the way Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Wetherspoon share the story of one of the greatest couples of all time is just pure cinematic magic. 

10 Things I Hate About You: A classic film that still makes my heart skip a beat when Heath Ledger sings! Oh!

Crazy Stupid Love: Ryan Gosling! Topless Ryan Gosling! Funny Ryan Gosling! Need I say more!

Dirty Dancing: My first film crush was Patrick Swayze and still now he makes my heart swoon in this role lovelies. 

And my anti-Valentine selection: Scream! Proving relationships can lead to a lot of trouble for some people aha! 

It is a day that I also look forward to shopping afterwards as well lovelies because there is going to be some hell of a sale going on tomorrow! John Lewis I am coming for you aha! 

Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you! How are you spending the day lovelies? 

Joey X

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