Good Morning Lovelies! 

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all are getting ready to celebrate the week in style lovelies, especially with so much going on to mark the occasion, because I have some exciting news to share with you all! 

While it is New Year’s Eve today, preparations have already been done by Amoy, the soy sauce brand, to make sure that everything goes to plan on the big day, and there so the company have announced their new artwork piece made by Will Vibes to get us all in the mood to celebrate. 

Created entirely out of Amoy Soy Sauce, an 8ft x 8ft Monkey portrait has been made to mark the year of the Monkey, which celebrates witty, intelligent, mischievousness and curious personalities, something that we all know the animal is famous for aha! 

Speaking about the artwork, Martina Davis, Brand Manager at Amoy, said: “Amoy is famous for adding fun and creativity to the dinner table, and the Monkey represents optimism and energy in Chinese culture.  So our idea was to bring these two classic Asian icons together in a modern and playful manner to ring in the Year of the Monkey. The final huge artwork playfully celebrates the commencement of Chinese New Year and, quite literally, shows the true versatility of our Soy Sauce range.”

“The use of soy sauce in painting has been an art form since the 16th century, so it was inspiring to bring this age old tradition to life with a fun and new world twist,” Said artist Will Vibes. “The final artwork using Amoy Soy Sauce blends tradition and modernity through the movement, exuberance and energy of the Monkey – an extremely revered figure in the Chinese Zodiac.”

 And the company are not stopping their lovelies, as they will be sponsoring this year’s Chinese New Year Celebrations in London on the 14th February lovelies with a special VIP tent in Trafalgar Square, which you can enter if you tweet about the celebrations using @AmoySoySauce and #SoyMonkey!

Happy Chinese New Year Lovelies!!!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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