Hey Lovelies, 

January for me was a bit of a bad month. Okay to be brutally honest with you and I don’t normally swear on here, it was a really shit month. But it’s gone now! We will never have a January in 2016 again and I am completely and utterly fine with that thank you very much! 

However it wasn’t all bad I will admit and I am happy to say that while I am glad it is over, I am also thankful it happened because it marked some great events and brought some great things into my life. Including these…

Favourite Film: Over Christmas I was given by my brother the film ‘Southpaw’ and in the space of a week I watched it three times because I was so in love with the whole thing. I am a huge fan of Sutter and his writing, which is on top form in this film lovelies. 

Favourite Book: I make lots of resolutions and most of the time I actually keep them because I am a weirdo aha! This year I wanted to find a source to put all my worries and woes into or to at least take my mind off them for a while and I found it in 1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion, which has completely changed my life. 

Favourite Moment: There weren’t a lot of great moments in January lovelies but there was one that I will never forget and it was seeing my dad celebrate his 71st birthday with his whole family, especially my new nephew Leo, who looked amazed at seeing my dad blow out his candles. 

Favourite TV Show: I have made 2016 the year I finish all the films and TV shows that I started lovelies, but as a cheeky addition I have found myself falling in love with the brand new Fox show ‘Lucifer’ lovelies, which is devilishly good (Sorry!).

Favourite Christmas Present: This Christmas I didn’t really know what I wanted but there was one thing I kept asking for throughout the year and on Christmas day I got it. As a big kid I wanted the cuddly toy of Bing Bong and finally he is in my home, living on my bed, and he is the best thing in the entire world. 

Favourite Trailer: February has been probably the biggest month for trailers, so it is going to be heard to choose which one from this month is the winner aha, but January’s winner was definitely the great first look at ‘High-Rise’ lovelies…

What were your favourite things in January lovelies? Let me know! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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