Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

There are always those days when I don’t want to work, I don’t want to go to university and I don’t want to have any problems. I just want to have fun, bake and watch a ton of films while snuggled up in bed. And this afternoon Cadbury have allowed me to do so now that Uni is over for the day. 

Upon coming home I was greeted with a big purple box lovelies and inside was a Cadbury treat that I am so thankful for, because if I wasn’t in the mood for Easter before, I definitely am now lovelies. I am obsessed with the holiday and spring time, so when I saw the treats inside I instantly started smiling and doing a silly Easter dance (which didn’t exist before this aha!). 

Inside the big box was three Easter eggs, including a mini Oreo, Crème Egg and Mini Egg one lovelies, as well as small bunny treats, a big bunny treat, the special spring chocolate bar with cute white chocolate bunnies imprinted on the bar, mini Daim flavoured eggs and egg & spoon treats. 

As soon as the box was open my family ran into the room and took a piece of their favourite chocolate. This meant that the treats I was going to try and keep for Easter actually got destroyed in about two minutes. It was hard to even take the picture in fact. 

While the Easter bunny treats are being saved for a hunt around our house on the big day, my family were quick to try the Daim mini eggs, which my mum found were full to the brim with Daim treats, that she was pleased to see as it meant that the product had been filled right up. 

The next treat we tucked into was the egg and spoon, which have been a huge favourite of mine for years. Filled with mousse like cream, the product was just like it was before and the perfect little edition that I think kids could wake up mum and dad with on the big day instead of making a big mess in the actual kitchen. 

As they moved around the box, my family were quick to open the boxes full of Easter eggs and were pleased to find the little added treats. In our home the Mini Egg one would be my mums, the Oreo one would be mine and the Crème Egg one would be my dad’s, as we are obsessed with all different tastes and flavours which these eggs definitely cater for. And one additional bonus was that the products haven’t changed in size at all, they are in fact the same size as they have always been. Win! 

Easter is definitely in full swing now in our home lovelies and these treats are always going to be a special addition in our home, because they remind all of us of when we were little and will hopefully make my niece and nephews remember the same thing. 

While I don’t think we will eat it all, I am definitely going to be using the leftover Cadbury chocolate to make some Easter nests and other sweet treats for the neighbours. Thank you so much Cadbury and your amazing team for the treats! 

What Easter treat are you most looking forward to lovelies? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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