Hey Lovelies, 

With an all-star British and Irish cast, ‘Brooklyn’, provides a romantic look at New York with an incredible script and performance piece from Saoirse Ronan and many others. If you are looking for the perfect image of a romance that is tested but still remains beautiful. 

Following a young Irish woman who moves to New York and works for an evil women, the film shows the highs and lows of her new life and the love she finds in the city after so many problems arrive. 

Ronan’s performance as the young woman is brilliantly explored and she gives such an amazing performance that it is easy to see why she has been given the award nominations. 

And it is not just her. The acting from Jim Broadbent, Julie Walters and other shows the talent in which those in the film have, as they highlight how much work they have done and the hard work that they have put in to the roles throughout their performances. 

Each actor and scene is presented in such a beautiful way in fact that the writer Nick Hornby should be proud of for creating and for making so powerful. 

There so because of this I am going to give the big city that never sleeps this huge…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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