Hey Lovelies, 

I am going to hold my hands up and admit that I am in no way an expert at cricket. In fact I know very little about the sport, but that did not stop me from watching the new documentary about the young Maasai warriors who formed a cricket team against all the odds, called ‘Warriors’. 

Released last year, the new documentary shows the heart felt reactions and reasons as to why the group of sportsman decided to create a sports team against such hard times and the amazing defeats in which they overcome. With every aspect and moment in which they endure being captured, audiences are treated to a story that highlights how everything can happen if they put their heart and soul into it and proves others wrong. 

It is an intense watch at times when you see them fighting to protect the women within the film, but it makes you even more determined as an audience member to watch on to make sure that they get their dreams. 

Therefore I am giving the film…

4 Stars

'Warriors' is available on DVD and iTunes from 25 January 2016 www.warriorsfilm.co.uk #WakeTheLion

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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