Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

How are you all today? I hope that you are all well and ready to have today’s release news told to you, because there is some huge news that I have to share! Starting with this news all the way from Australia lovelies! 

On the 12th February lovelies, the hit film ‘Oddball and the Penguins’ will be coming to UK cinemas, for everyone to enjoy this half term. Following a sheepdog, the film sees him and his owners battling to protect a colony of penguins. Sounds super cute lovelies!

Although if you are looking for something to watch at home, then look out for ‘Bad Bromance’, released by Sony, as it will be out on DVD from the 18th January. While on the 11th January the brand new film ‘Air’ will be released by Sony digitally, which if you are a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ you are going to love, as it stars Norman Reedus.

As well as Metrodome who have announced that they will be releasing 'Lost After Dark' on the 29th February lovelies on DVD and VOD.

However if you are looking for something to watch online lovelies, Netflix have announced that season two of ‘Daredevil’ will be out on the 18th March lovelies! So we don’t have long to wait to enjoy that! 

Which release will you be watching lovelies? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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