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When it comes to modern horror films I find myself wanting to lose myself in the world of the classic films that are the great horror creations. So when I heard last year that M. Night Shyamalan was bringing back his classic techniques I was overjoyed and rightly so it seems, because ‘The Visit’ is the best horror film in a long time to reach our screens! 

Following Rebecca and Ed, two young children, the film sees them embarking on a stay with their grandparents while their own parents go away. During the day their grandparents seem like any ordinary family members, however when it comes to night time, the children are made to stay in their rooms until the morning, as strange things happen around them. 

As the film develops it becomes darker and darker, making for an intense viewing that every horror fan will enjoy, as the plot presents a completely new idea, presented the way in which horror films should be done. The filmed footage element is in fact the best element throughout the film, because you never know what the characters will be facing next and when they try to overcome it they make you sit up and scream at the TV. 

Played by relatively unknown actors, this film has made sure that the two young stars will have a long career, as they are definitely about to blow up after their performances within the film. They give a real sense of being scared and their emotions play off into the audience, as they give an old school performance much like the classic victims use to provide. 

The script is key to this, as every detail in which they have to play out on screen has been done in such a way that it is always focused and very intelligent. As a film it has so many different elements to it that make it stand out and this is all down to the script and the settings in which it builds. 

However I will admit that it is not as good as his previous horrors, it does provide audience members with a sense of classic enjoyment and the director has worked hard to make sure that audience members are given the true magic of the horror genre again. 

Therefore I am giving the film…

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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