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Following photographer Dennis Stock, a freelance photographer who gets a once in a lifetime job at shooting James Dean, the film showcases the rise of the young actors career through the lens and life of the photographer, who got to share those moments with him. To portray this there was always going to have to be the right actors to play it and the filmmakers definitely did that.  

Ever since he moved away from Twilight, Robert Pattinson has been making films that are completely different but key to the times and every time it seems to be a success in highlighting the brilliant acting he has. And in Life he has taken Dane DeHaan along with him.

Both actors provide a superb viewing experience that makes for audiences to be left on the edge of their seats, as they witness the fast life in which James Dean once lived. From the moments in which they touch on the hidden aspects to the actor’s life to those caught on camera, the experiences in which James Dean left on camera have been portrayed perfectly by director Anton Corbijn. 

Having experience in the photography industry, Corbijn has made sure that the story continues to thrive up until the end moment; however there is a small moment in which it fails which is due to the hard hitting script. 

While it is a continuously interesting piece of scriptwriting and the actors deliver it so well, the script does make many turns throughout the films journey and not all of them are positive, as they sometimes refer to moments in which some audience members may not be aware of. Therefore they should have been explained a lot more. 

However once DeHaan appears his portrayal as Dean is one that is able to distract audiences away from the script, forcing them to focus on his appeals and talents as the figure. And ultimately this is the best element of the film. 

There is a constant strength from the acting and the talent within the film and therefore it is a strong film and takes on the life of two incredible men, played by two incredible actors so well. 

This is why I am giving life to this film with this…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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