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Growing up I was a huge fan of the Goosebumps books, but more so of the TV show. For many people like me it is the first real chance we got to experience the horror genre and still today if I hear the theme tune it gives me chills. So when I got the chance to see the new film I jumped at it. 

Starring Jack Black and a cast made up of fresh faces, the introduces us to a teenager as he and his mum move into a new town with a creep neighbour who turns out to be the author of the series. Hidden in his home are the books many children, including those in the film, had nightmares over. And in the film the characters see them come to life.

With so many twists added the film will spark and interest for young audience goers who didn't see the original and for audience members who experienced it back then it is fantastic  to see the characters who use to scare you come back to life. However I have to admit that there is an element to it if you are an older member that makes you want the old series back. 

Throughout Black gives a great performance, with an interesting accent, that will be sure to highlight his talents as an entertainer again. As for the young members of the cast, they can definitely use this to build their careers further as their performances stand out against overs. 

Each and every one of them puts in their all to give a spooky atmospheric performance, but the ultimate winner in this film is the CGI characters and situations. Unlike what was on screen before they do sadly lack a bit of that spooky aftermath that you would have in the pit of your stomach, but they are all great at making audiences experience the figures Stine made for us all. Especially with the return of one very famous dummy! 

Over there is about 20 to 30 of the famous monsters returning and return they do so well. Especially when Jack Black lets them use his comedic talents to get the best out of them. Something the director knows that Black can do so well. 

However there are so faults with the film. As I said there is definitely a time in the film where you wish they hadn't put in a cheesy relationship, and focused on the fight to beat the evil monsters more. As well as this, the CGI effects could have been toned down to make sure the feeling we use to get from being creeped out by the not so good effects returned. 

But for me the biggest issue was that even though this is a new film away from the show and Danny Elfman has delivered another fantastic score, it would have still been nice to have heard the old theme song again. Just once!

Overall the film is a comedy that will inspire younger generations to pick up the famous novels that scared the older generation who will be watching with them. As soon as you hear the title of the film there is a memory reborn and that rebirth is seen in this film with a brand new CGI look. 

Therefore I am giving the film...

3 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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