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With Oscar season now upon us I thought I would catch up on one of the films that missed out, but many felt should have been involved. An all-star cast give us one of the greatest expedition films of all time lovelies, Everest, tells the story of a group of people who tried to climb the mountain and ended up fighting for their lives.

Taking audience members on a journey of survival, the films story is in fact true, but that doesn’t make it the reason to watch it unfortunately. The performances from the actors are the reason to watch this film. While it is of course a thrilling and gripping film, this is only really achieved by the struggles put in place by the acting. 

There isn’t really a main character within it, but Jason Clarke’s performance makes him the stand out figure in a film that will have you thanking it that you didn’t decide to do the climb yourself. However with that being said you can’t just thank him though, as the female performers within it are also stand out characters, especially with Emily Watson giving such a heartfelt reaction to much of what is happening. 

Her characters reactions are created and expressed onto audience members off screen, as she reacts the same way as we do when it comes to watching the mountain turn on the characters. All of which is done in a beautiful yet destructive way. 

With behind the scenes help, the on screen beauty and effects in making the famous mountain make you feel as though you are truly watching the cast and crew fighting against the elements. There is never a moment in fact where you feel or know that it was made in a studio and that in itself is a huge winner to audiences. 

As it continues on its adventure the film highlights to everyone watching that this happens and while many people forget about it, there is a sadness on the mountain that is so mighty, as the adventurer’s stories hadn’t been explored in as much depth as it has been in this film. The ending of the film definitely makes this statement in fact. 

Overall the film makes for an interesting and intense viewing that will not only have you appreciating the actors and their amazing work, but the stories that were never told before this film and the mighty mountain they had to fight. 

Therefore I am giving it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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