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Today I am bringing you all something a little different, as I wanted to bring one of my loves and mix it with my biggest love. For other two years now I have been working out and getting my fitness levels to the best they can be, which is hard when you have terrible lungs aha, and one way in which I have done this is by wearing the best clothes that make me motivated. 

So when I saw FYTSO, a new fitness clothing brand and magazine, on Facebook recently I reached out to them to ask if they would like to work with me on a new article that I thought would mix their clothes and recipes in with some of the best sports films around, especially those with a lot of girl power, as the brand focuses on helping women like me and you lovelies look as stylish and cool as those within the films. 

These ladies have been an inspiration to me and lots of others when we need to get in the mood to work out and this is why I wanted to share them with you all…

The Blind Side: You don’t have to play the sport, to make the sport, as witnessed by Sandra Bullock’s performance in this film, as she showed everyone her power at being the coach for the team and those within it. 

Bend It Like Beckham: Every single performance in this film changed the way in which female football is viewed and for many, including myself, it inspired a generation of us to want to go out and join a football team. 

Blue Crush: Never has surfing looked as cool as it did in this film! Everybody who I speak to states how cool the ladies in the film make the sport look and I automatically wished that I could go out and be able to do what they do, because the sport looks amazing. 

Million Dollar Baby: This female boxer proved to everyone that if you just believe in what you do, then everyone can do what they believe they can, as Hilary Swank’s character gave her all in this film that won an Oscar for its incredible scenes and sport shots. 

Whip It!: Get those skates on and watch this film lovelies, because the coolest group of girls gathered to make the coolest modern sport look like the best thing in which you could ever do lovelies. While it definitely looked painful, the girls on screen also make the sport look like the best way to have fun with the girls. 

Bring It On: 90/00s sport films were big, but there was one that managed to outshine them all, as the cheerleaders introduced to us all spirit fingers and throws as they took to new heights to win the cheerleading competition to end all cheerleading competitions. 

Fast Girls: After the 2012 Olympics the world was inspired by the sports stars who took to the now very famous tracks, causing runners and athletes to rise up and take to the sports that had caught their eyes. Especially when they saw the hard work and commitment that the sports had given to the stars of this film as well!

A League of Their Own: The oldest but one of the greatest films on this list, the film was an instant hit as the stars delivered truly hilarious lines and caring moments about baseball that many audience members hadn’t seen before watching it. 

Step Up: Having recently shown her dancing talents again, the female star of this film made dancing look pretty and perfect, but also bad-ass lovelies, as she changed dynamic and moves throughout to get the best choreographed moments that have ever touched the big screen. 

Miss Congeniality: Not a sports film lovelies, but no one will forget the kick-boxing and self-defense lessons in which the leading lady gave us. Making sure we all knew how to protect ourselves; her moves took skill and time, causing them to be more of a sport. 

If like me lovelies you have been inspired by these films, then take a look at FYTSO who have recently launched their new online magazine that includes not only amazing items of clothing but easy to do smoothie recipes, fun and energetic workouts and an interesting look into the latest fitness technology lovelies. 

You can find them here if you would like to subscribe to their magazine lovelies: https://www.fytso.com/

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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