Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

A few days ago I was asked if I would like to review an amazing new collection of hot chocolates that Cadbury’s had made that were a lot healthier than most hot chocolates lovelies! And as a health freak I had to see what they were all about!

Having avoided chocolate throughout Christmas, which was not easy let me tell you lovelies, this little treat was definitely something to brighten up my home in January. Having changed a lot of our drinking habits, it is rare if a hot chocolate enters our home, as we normally crack it out for guests the most, but we were all interested in the different choice of flavours this provided. 

As a new lover of dark chocolate I was instantly overjoyed to see the Bourneville version that was within the pack, that also came with the normal Cadbury’s flavour and probably the best flavour I have ever heard, a fudge based one. However the moment that had me screaming lovelies and I mean screaming, was the fact that I now had a new mug to enjoy them in! I mean look how cool it is lovelies!!!

Once I had calmed down about the mug I got cracking at making each member of my family’s drinks, starting with a dark for me, a normal for mum and a fudge one for my dad. We decided that because they were a healthier treat we would leave off the marshmallows and cream that works best with the richest and sweet chocolate drinks. 

All afternoon now we have been speaking about the drinks since we had them lovelies. While I did work mine off I am already planning the next one I am having and my mum is thinking of including it in some cake recipes that she has had her eye on for a while lovelies. 

The new flavours were a definite good choice to help us health conscious people still get the joy of the bars in a much more satisfying way during winter lovelies. The jars are big and the amount within them is good lovelies, which makes me want to buy them again even more. Honestly I can’t stand when you buy something and it is half empty, but these definitely weren’t lovelies. 

If I was you I would definitely suggest you try the fudge and dark Bourneville ones lovelies because they are a big different, but you can’t beat the classics. 

Well Done Cadbury’s! You Legends! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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