Hey Lovelies, 

It is Christmas Eve lovelies and I am spreading Christmas cheer by singing loud and clear! Today I wanted the film works post to not really be a long post lovelies, but more of a fun post that sums up all of the greatness in which you lovelies spread this year! 

With all of the presents now under the tree and ready for tomorrow’s big day, the big present for me this year lovelies was all of the support in which you lovelies gave me. I will probably be doing another one of these posts next week, but before then I wanted to just say a massive Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year lovelies, because I am so thankful to all of you and I hope that all of you have an amazing day.

Every year I find myself lost in a number of films that have been brought for me as presents and I hope that all of you lovelies find yourselves with all the presents that you lovelies wanted because you all deserve them. This year has been a great year for the blog and that is all down to you lovelies. 

Therefore this film works is more about saying a massive thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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