Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Finally I am back from working out and lunch to bring to you the first opening of the Cadbury advent calendar lovelies! With the first truck out of the 24 setting off, the doors opened up to the public to unveil a chocolate dream inside!

Taking the team 200 hours to make, the first door opened to unveil a Christmas grotto, complete with Santa’s workshop. With over 2,500 bars of chocolate lining the walls, the floor and the fireplace, the setting was topped off with chocolate trees and edible presents.

As well as a Cadbury Freddo painting taking a pride of place alongside it, in which those in Liverpool, who were the first to see the doors open, could take in and enjoy.

Speaking about the first advent lovelies, Claire Low, Marketing Manager at Mondelèz International, said: “Santa’s Grotto is synonymous with the feeling of Christmas so we felt this was the perfect way to kick off our festive countdown. We wanted to create something that captured the excitement felt when opening the first door of your advent calendar, and the Cadbury Chocolate Grotto merges the wonderful themes of Santa and chocolate. We loved seeing everyone enjoy the one-of-a kind creation and can’t wait to unleash even more joy when we open our next door tomorrow!”

The new advert will be out on TV tonight lovelies, as the truck moves to its next destination for tomorrows unveiling, but you can watch today’s right here, right now…

However lovelies, if you are not in the mood for Christmas yet and still celebrating Halloween, then look out for ‘The Visit’ which will be out on DVD and Blu-ray from the 18th January or earlier digitally on the 4th January!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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