Good Morning Lovelies, 

I actually wanted to take this week’s film works post and thank a company who get mentioned a lot and honestly it is because I do genuinely have a lot to thank them for at the moment. Amazon have recently saved my university bum lovelies aha! 

Last week I told you all about my tablet breaking and I was kind of stuck with how to handle things at university as I use it a lot to reply to emails, get university information up and so much more lovelies. So when Black Friday arrived Amazon did a beautiful deal that changed my life. 

For £34.99, I got a brand new tablet that is a little smaller, but so perfect. I can now blog and do so much more on the move that I have to admit my other tablet couldn’t do. I can also spend my lunchtimes binge watching Scandal aha, which isn’t meant to be happening but it does lovely. 

I am so happy with the product that the reason I wanted to do this post on it was because I know how hard it is to find a product or find the right product for you when it comes to getting gadgets for work, blogging and university lovelies. 

There is so much out there on the market and I thought I had won the lottery with my Microsoft Surface RT, but it went wrong after two years and I couldn’t believe the way in which everything was handled with the company. I didn’t want to sit for another three hours trying to get my money back for a product in which I was miss-sold, so I decided to leave it and go with a company in which I trust. 

Every day I can now download films and shows easily for my journeys, while making notes and sending emails with ease. I also love the small size of it even more lovelies, because it means that I can hold it in bed or on journeys and not get a dead arm aha! 

I know I don’t really say bad things but I really wanted to say lovelies that if you are looking for a tablet then this one is great and it has really helped me as a film blogger and a film lover, because I can now watch films easily on the go. 

Whoop Whoop! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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