Good Morning Lovelies, 

Since last week lovelies I have been falling in love with a number of films that I hadn't seen before thanks to Amazon Instant Video UK and I thought that because of this new and brilliant way to enjoy my journeys I would celebrate this week’s film works with the first film I ever saw in the cinema. 

Growing up I will admit that we didn't have lots of money, but we were never without and we were always treated to special days out when we could go on them. These included trips to the cinemas lovelies, as they cost a lot for our whole family to go. 

One day my mum decided to take me to the cinema, the first time ever, and the film in which I saw was 'Cats and Dogs'! Oh yes the classic film that I remember getting down on the floor and hiding from towards them end. 

Upon going into the cinema, I remember my mum buying me the biggest box of popcorn, the tickets, the smell and then finding the perfect seats that I still go to every time I visit the cinema. Near the back, in the middle, perfect for comfy viewings. 

Watching all the trailers and the adverts was a joy for me and I still really love looking at them lovelies when I go to the cinema. They make me want to stay in my seat and watch on and on, as I know that this building will be my safe haven for a little while. 

I remember when the lights went dark and the film began, being amazed that all these people were coming together to enjoy the same film and take in the sights on screen. It made me see how much every one of us can love cinemas and from a very young age. 

Throughout Cats and Dogs I can recall looking around the room, seeing all of the people not caring about anything and watching the screen. While I was terrified of the cats on screen, and still don't really like them aha, I remember feeling safe. 

And that is why I wanted to do this post, because for two hours I was amazed, dazed and falling for my first love, as I watched this weird film come to life on screen. 

That film is now, although I don't watch it often, one of my favourites because I can remember the reactions I had to my first cinema trip and those feelings still live in me today when I go. 

It is my heaven on earth and I can't wait until I go again or open my own aha! Maybe we should do that together as the blogging community! 

Let me know!!! 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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