Hey Lovelies,

Over the past week lovelies my tablet broke and I was left feeling a little lost blogging wise, as I try to do it as much as possible when I am on the go! 

Therefore when I was kindly offered the chance to review and trial Vodafone's Smart Speed 6 phone, I took up the offer quickly. While I love my iPhone 5s, I have to admit that it isn't the best for blogging and I struggle to edit on it. 

Upon opening the box I was greeted with the phone, which was big and flat, not as flat as my phone, but still not bulky or anything. The product was easy to start and upon using it I was able to go through the start-up programme easy to begin my blogging journey. 

The first thing I found lovely was the easy touch pad of the phone, which made it easy to go from one app to another without having to move apps around or lose items aha! 

As this was so easy to do I then went onto the web to get started and found that the screen was easy to move around and change to manipulate the post. I will admit that it did take me a few goes as I was use to an iPhone, but once I had I was easily able to use it. 

This phone made blogging fun and easy, with a great camera to add high quality images and a bigger amount of space to change items around. It was the perfect item to change or help me make posts while on the go, because the ease of it was so good. 

Therefore lovelies I would definitely suggest taking a look at this for a source to blog on the go, because even though it is smaller than a tablet, it does do the job well and in a stylish manner. 

Plus it could be the perfect present this Christmas for those blogging friends or yourselves aha! 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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