Hey Lovelies,

Today's tag was a follow up on a post in which I did on Beauty and the Beast lovelies, because it focuses on Disney and the beauty of the world in which it creates! 

Please feel free to take the tag after you have read it lovelies, and please let me know if you do as I would love to hear your answers...

1. Favourite Disney Princess? 
Belle or Ariel! I have a lot and I mean a lot of love for these two! 

2. Favourite Disney Prince?
Prince Eric! Sorry but I have to admit he is the best looking one and he has the most amazing voice aha! 

3. Favourite Disney Couple? 
Prince Eric and Ariel! They are so so cute together. 

4. If You Could Have One Of The Dresses From A Disney Film Which One? 
This may be weird but can I have Ursula's?!? It's so sassy aha! If not then please could I have Sleeping Beauty's but in the blue. 

5. What Do You Want In The New Disney Princesses? 
I want someone who is real and honest! Someone who just shows a real powerful and humble human. 

6. If You Could Live Any Disney Princess Scene Which One?
As a foodie and lover of the film, it would have to be the dining room scene in Beauty and the Beast aha! 

And there we have it lovelies! It may be short but it was definitely sweet and now I am off to watch all of them again aha! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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