Hey Lovelies, 

Okay so we have come to the best time of the day lovelies! It is release news time and today’s is starry and festive lovelies! So let’s get ready for Christmas, which is only a week away (HOW?!?), by watching these new pieces! 

On MUBI the service have announced that they will be having a musical day as they have added ‘All That Jazz’ and ‘The Red Shoes’ to their channel to get us all in the festive mood. 

As well as this lovelies, Mark Kermode has chosen 'Capricorn One' as the BFI Player film of the week lovelies, while Lionsgate have announced that on the 1st February they will be releasing 'Sicario' on DVD, Blu-ray and digital editions. Also announced lovelies by Dogwoof, is the news that 'The Fear of 13' will be out on DVD from the 25th January.

While ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ has broken box office records lovelies in the UK and Ireland, and probably the rest of the world to be honest, as it became the biggest opening and single day release in the UK ever! In one day lovelies it took £9.6 million in box office takings and £3.4 million at the IMAX cinema lovelies!

Congrats to everyone involved and let the festive force be with you! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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