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This morning I wasn’t sure about this week’s fashion post and then I took inspiration from a conversation in which I had with my lecturer and a few people as a joke this week. I am a fan of weddings I will admit, but not because I want to be a bride or anything like that, but mostly because I love the décor, the setting, the ways in which a couple picks out the perfect setting. 

However I am also a fan of the dresses aha! And therefore I thought it would be the perfect time, as we embark on the big celebrations coming up, to take a look at some of the most iconic and beautiful wedding dresses in film lovelies. 

Cinderella: Anyone who sees me after watching this film knows that I am obsessed with this dress. In fact I even emailed and tweeted the Disney Store to ask them when they would be making the fancy dress costumes in an adult size. 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: It may be big but it has a certain beauty about it lovelies that has made it such an iconic dress both on and off screen lovelies. It is a bold statement that has a lot of fun within it.

Sex and the City: While it isn’t the actual dress in which she gets married in, the Vivienne Westwood dress in which Carrie wears on her big beautiful day, just screams Sarah Jessica Parker. It feels more iconic because it is worn by her. 

The Notebook: When you are marrying Ryan Gosling I don’t actually think the dress matters aha! Honestly I would just be running down the aisle to make sure he doesn’t leave me before the end of the ceremony. However if you are looking for the perfect dress then this one is it. 

The Princess Diaries 2: I think Kate Middleton may have taken inspiration from this dress, because it is so much like her iconic one. I love this one mostly because of the sleeves lovelies. I feel as though sleeves really make a dress. 

Funny Face: If you are a fan of the shorter dress, then look no further than this elegant gown worn by the queen of the screen, Audrey Hepburn. If anyone can pull off an iconic dress it is her and after this film, I feel as though this is probably where the need for short dresses came from. 

Let me know lovelies which wedding dress from a film or even a TV show is your favourite and why in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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