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Now is anyone else getting that Friday feeling already? Well be prepared to start planning that office trip to the pub or even in the office lovelies aha, because a brand new service has been set up by AB InBev and The Beer Store lovelies with the help of ‘First Dates’ star Fred Sirieix! 

According to a recent survey of alcohol sales, AB InBev found that beer is going to be the top beverage on the Christmas table this year lovelies for Brits, as 50% admit that they will be serving it on the big day as 66% of us will be hosting the big dinner, as well as 76% of us who will be serving beer off the drinking menu on Boxing Day. 

To celebrate this news the company and Deliveroo have created a bike delivery service, known as “Beer Bicycle”, which delivers cold beers to your door in 15 minutes lovelies, which Fred helped launch as he delivered beers to select customers and addresses lovelies. 

Speaking about the drinking statistics and Christmas spirit, Fred Sirieix said: “There are so many ways beer brings people together over Christmas, from glittering parties with friends to laughter-filled family dinners. I know how important it is for Christmas celebrations to be special so I’m thrilled to share my tips on how to make a celebration truly stand out with the nation’s favourite holiday beverage. I’m also excited to see the surprise on customers’ faces when I’m on hand to deliver their online beer order”.

As well, Dries Mertens, eMarketing manager, AB InBev said: “At AB InBev, we are predicting 2015 will be a record year for online beer delivery sales – our biggest yet. Not only is beer a popular beverage at Christmas parties, but we are seeing a growing interest in pairing beer with food – and Christmas lunch is perfect for this."

While, Will Shu, co-founder and CEO of Deliveroo, said: “We’ve seen incredible demand for top-quality food delivered to homes and offices, and think beer is a natural extension of our service. With the rise in popularity of online beer sales this Christmas, we feel this is the perfect time to launch this new project.”

To make sure you have the best Christmas parties and events lovelies during the festive season, here are a few top Christmas entertaining tips from Fred Sirieix…

  • If you are planning a sit down meal with guests, impress with a beautiful sharing beer, such as Leffe Blond or the limited edition Stella Artois Heritage bottle
  • Do you have guests coming to your house that perhaps don’t know one another? Think about ways to break the ice by thoughtfully placing conversation starter cards on tables and by drinks
  • Be a considerate host and make sure you cater to guests who are driving or do not like to drink alcohol. Beck’s Blue is the perfect non-alcoholic offering
  • Did you know that Stella Artois was originally brewed to be a holiday gift to the local residents of Leuven, Belgium? In fact, Stella Artois is Latin for Christmas Star. Impress your friends with this knowledge, or use as a handy ice breaker
  • It’s always a good idea to prepare in advance if you’re hosting a festive party this season. Serve canapés that can be made a couple of days in advance and frozen until needed

To make sure you get your beer on time lovelies from ‘The Beer Store’ then click here: https://deliveroo.co.uk and get celebrating aha! Office parties are going to be wild! 

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