Hey Lovelies, 

Today’s fashion Friday post didn’t take much time to think up, because it is about two of my favourite things, Christmas and Christmas films lovelies! When you look at the best Christmas films around there is some incredible fashion highlights and I found while making this post that I was actually getting very excited for the big day. 

In fact because of the amazing fashion moments below I think it counts for a lot of research into it this weekend and therefore I must watch all of the films. You understand right aha! Seriously though lovelies, the fashion moments below will definitely make you want to get all dressed up and fancy for the festive celebrations this year. 

Let’s start with this one…

Home Alone: If there was a child who managed to make the jumper and beanie a trend it was Kevin from Home Alone, as he managed to make the whole outfit look super cozy and comforting during the cold winter months. 

Love Actually: Keira Knightley’s wedding dress was perfect, but it was her white simple jumper that stood out in the film during the card scene. If there was one thing in which we should take from the film it is that her jumper is definitely a must have. 

The Holiday: I found it really hard to pick an outfit in which the women in this film wear, but for me it is this outfit in which Cameron Diaz arrives in that makes me feel festive, because not only is it stylish, but again it looks super comfy. 

White Christmas: This outfit is for the Christmas parties, as it just shines superstar. There are so many outfits in the film that I could have picked, but this white one just screamed retro magic lovelies. 

Elf: Probably the cutest outfit out of my selection, the costume in which Zooey wears within the film is super sweet and makes me want to dress up as an elf. I love how pretty this elf outfit is and the innocence in which the film follows. 

It’s A Wonderful Life: This dress I have to say is my favourite. I find it amazing and the 40s vibe in which is reflected within it makes my heart explode with happiness lovelies. Especially when I see how perfect it is for the holidays.

Okay I am definitely spending the weekend watching Christmas films lovelies! I cannot wait to get in to bed and snuggle up with these, while I am online shopping for the outfits aha! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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