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After looking at the best outfits that people in film have worn to celebrate the holidays, I wanted to take a look at the best outfits in which people have worn on TV to celebrate Christmas! And believe there are some very funny ones.

From serious characters getting into the festive spirit to the comedic characters going all out, you can only imagine which ones have won over my heart for their amazing Christmas outfits and appearance because of the holidays.

The Holiday Armadillo in Friends: No one and I mean no one would ever forget how amazing this Christmas episode of Friends is, especially because of Ross’ outfit and the beauty of it. Completely different to anything we have ever seen before it really worked.

Miranda’s Hats in Miranda: It is always funny to see how Miranda changes her Christmas outfits each year, but the one thing that we probably always excited to see is the way in which she finds a Christmas hat that is different.

Modern Family Characters in Modern Family: I couldn’t pick a family to really focus on when it came to this, so I had to choose all of them because they are all able to wear something that just makes me so happy when it comes to Christmas.

Blair Waldorf’s Dress in Gossip Girl: If there is a show that makes you want to spend Christmas in New York, then Gossip Girl is the one and it is all down to the amazing Winter Ball in which they have in the Christmas episode as Blair Waldorf’s dress is perfection.

Leslie’s Elf Outfit in Parks and Recreation: Perfect cheesy goodness from one of the best shows around! Leslie knew how to get the joy out of Christmas and this outfit did just that lovelies!

What TV show character do you think always gets Christmas right? Let me know!

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