Hey Lovelies, 

I realised a few days ago that while I had completed the gift guide, I hadn’t included a few little gifts and there was so many on the market in which I had seen and loved, so I thought I would tell you all about them now, because I was a Christmas donut and missed them lovelies. 

Let’s start with this festive filler…

Twitterature Book From The Literary Gift Company: The perfect companion for anyone who is trying to get a hold of the world of Twitter, however it is mixed in with the brilliant sayings and quotes from literary heroes’ lovelies.

Mean Girls Pencil From Ohh Deer: You go Glenn Coco this Christmas lovelies! Honestly for anyone who is going back to work, university or just the ultimate Mean Girls fan, these are a must in your stockings lovelies. 

Face Mats From Stocking Fillers: Put these on the table at Christmas lovelies and there will be a new game to play and enjoy as you all find a new look at the table. Just don’t try and eat food with them lovelies aha! 

Finger Lights from Yellow Moon: Forget having to buy a huge lightsabre this Christmas lovelies, because you can transform your own fingers and make the ultimate ones with them instead by using these simply lights. 

Chocolate Gingerbread Men from Hotel Chocolat: I love chocolate and I love Gingerbread men, as I am sure many of you do to lovelies. So get ready and enjoy this combination between the two from one of the best chocolate makers in town. 

Dog Shaming Book from Stocking Fillers: Forget cat’s lovelies! Next year is going to be the year of the dog and I can’t wait. The reason I can tell this is because of epic books such as this one that are coming out and celebrating them. 

And one for luck… The Jacqueline Wilson Book Collection Featuring Little Stars, Christmas Cracker, Katy, The Butterfly Club and The Jacqueline Wilson Treasury: When I was little there was nothing better than a book by Wilson and I still light up when I hear about her, which is why she is a perfect stocking filler for both old and young. 

Hope this was helpful lovelies and that you have some amazing Christmas faces because of these gifts! 

Blog Soon,
 Joey X

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