Hey Lovelies, 

I am currently on my lunch break, so I thought I would come and share it with all of you lovelies, because you are all my favourites!!! 

Plus I have some amazing release news to share with all of you, starting with this new FDA clip about the hottest new releases... 

And now for the exciting BFI news I have just got, as the company have announced that they will be releasing tickets to certain screenings over the next couple of months, for just £3, if you are a student lovelies! Which is brilliant news considering they have just announced a Disney short film season that includes never before seen films! And the new BFI Southbank seasons featuring Quentin Tarantino and Jean Luc Goddard! 

As well as this lovelies, the BFI will also be celebrating the incredible 100 year birthday of the FDA lovelies, with a special ceremony! 

Get in there ahaha! 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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