Hey Lovelies, 

These past few weeks have seen something very sad happen lovelies, we have witnessed the last ever world premiere for a ‘Hunger Games’ film lovelies and it has made me very sad! However we are not to worry because we still have the film to look forward to. 

Which is why I have decided to do a very fun and interesting tag inspired by the franchise, that I think you lovelies will find very fun. I have tagged you all in it, but first or before you leave to do it, please have a look below and enjoy…

Hunting in District 12. Choose a character that you would like to have with you when you are hunting beyond the boundaries of district 12.
Peeta! He may be a bit clumsy but I think he would be able to make the animals calm enough so that they wouldn’t be scared when hunted. God that sounds awful in fact. 

The Reaping. Consult the Reaping Bowl. Draw two tributes from the bowl and choose your favourite.
Finnick and Peeta, are my two favourites. Although of course I do love Katniss!

Makeover time. Choose both a book cover that really needs a makeover and one that is already perfect.
Catching Fire is perfect and I think The Hunger Games sound have a more epic cover, however the metallic ones are beautiful.

Chariot Rides. What is a book that catches your eye from a long distance?
Catching Fire, because it is my favourite out of the three and I know that cover like the back of my hand aha!

Training. Choose the book that could do with some improvements.
Mockingjay, because I would have loved more in the epilogue lovelies. 

Interviews. Choose two characters that you think would be ‘capitol favourites’.
Peeta and Finnick, both absolute sweethearts. Although Effie would be amazing to see be interviewed. 

Cornucopia. Choose a fiction book that would be a valuable asset for you in the arena. 
I would take ‘A Silver Lining’s Playbook’, because it would keep me positive in times of need.

Cannons. What is a character from any book that you wish would die in the arena?
Oh my! Probably one that I won’t say because I think people will stop reading the blog aha! Let’s just say there is a whole series dedicated to him. Aha!

Victors Village. Choose two fictional characters you would want to be neighbours with in the Victors Village.
Peeta because think of all the bread and from another book, I would love to live near Bridget Jones. 

Victory Tour. Choose a book quote you would like to share in your speech to each district.
I am not sure! There are so many! I would just let Effie write it aha! 

I will be back next week lovelies with even more film tag fun! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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