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Over the past couple of weeks and months, I have been sharing with you all a number of reviews for Orson Welles’ films and today I have a brand new one to share with all of you, for his classic film, ‘The Immortal Story’, in which I hadn’t seen before. 

With Welles in the leading role, the film is based on the classic novel which has the same title, and tells the story of Mr Clay, a man who is famous for being the town gossip. However when he is hired to be a reader for a local man, he finds himself stuck for words when he meets his wife, causing him to get mixed up in a very strange world. 

From the beginning of the film it is easy to see that this is one of Welles best performances, as he gives the audience a mixture of emotions and characters through just one performance. While it is a normal element of cinema today, Welles’ performance feels like one that allowed cinema to do what it does today, and without this it would have lacked a certain charm.

As well as Welles’ performance though, the whole cast really give audiences a treat in this film, as each one portrays something different and interesting, that will hook audience’s right up until the end of the film. 

Therefore I am giving the film…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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