Hey Lovelies,

Since I was young all I can remember is being told about my brothers love for the 80s classic, 'The Goonies'. However due to them all leaving home so early I failed to watch the film before I was asked to review it lovelies, as it celebrates its 30th anniversary! 

Telling the story of a group of boys and their mother, as they go on a journey underground to find a pirate ship and the treasure within it. There is something very classic about this film that when you do put it on to watch you find yourself automatically going back in time to the great cinematic years of the 80s.

Throughout the film even though I hadn't seen it before, I could tell when the key lines were going to be said and the way in which they would be said lovelies. There is a greatness about the film that makes it so sweet and innocent; because it has a reminder throughout that you can't not like it. 

The cast and crew are all recognisable and the sweet figure within the film in which everyone knows cannot not be loved lovelies, as he makes you fall under his charm as an audience member. 

As well as the greatness of the film, the new edition of it comes jam packed with tons of special features that are just screaming for you to watch them upon ending the film. It provides huge fans with so much more, such as behind the scenes looks as well as the artistic skills that went into the film and the casting of it. 

Overall the 30th edition of the legendary film is full of charming fun that will make that 80s children who watched it when it first came out and the fans fall in love with it all over again, while teaching a generation like myself and younger about its brilliance. Plus with all the extra added featured it makes for some light creative screen time. 

Therefore I am giving these guys...

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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