Good Evening Lovelies, 

Earlier today I did a mad dash to Tesco to take part in a lazy Sunday task, that led to me buying a lot of food and getting my mum to become a huge taste tester! This post is the first of two lovelies and both are going to be about the perfect snacks in which to have in front of the TV during this cold month lovelies! 

A few days ago I was kindly asked if I would like to trial the new deliciously whipped Philadelphia pots, which have been produced in three new flavours, including original, black and green olives and fine herbs and a hint of garlic lovelies, and I jumped at the chance to do so. 

Therefore this afternoon after being sent a lovely voucher, me and my dad ran off to Tesco to pick up the items for my mum to blind taste test when I got home. I know that she is a fan of the products, but she isn’t normally a fan of olives, so I wanted to hide which one was which from her, so that she couldn’t tell what she was trying. 

Upon coming in, I was quick to hide the pots and find the crackers in which we had, to make sure that she could have a bit of a bland biscuit with them to get the full flavour. The first one up was the olive one, as I didn’t want her to have any tastes or flavours before trying it. 

Surprisingly she really liked it! She was a little shocked when I told her it was the olive one, as I think she was expecting it to taste how they smell when you are in the shop. However she said it was a nice mix that wasn’t to overpowering. 

From there I quickly went on to the original flavour, which my mum was quick to eat up, as I think she could tell that this one was her normal product. She was shocked at how smooth this one felt compared to the others and she has already stated that she will be enjoying it tomorrow for lunch. 

Finally I had left what I know is her favourite flavour out of all three in the normal pots, because I wanted to see her reaction when she tried it in the new whipped version. Automatically and I mean this sincerely, she moaned at the flavour as she realised what she was eating. Her favourite flavour was one that she couldn’t get enough of and I had to take the pot away from her to make sure she would eat her tea aha! 

Overall my mum was impressed with the smoothness of the product, compared to the ones in which she is used to in the normal tubs. While she did admit that there wasn’t much of a change from the other flavours, she said that the product felt a lot fresher and that it had been given a little extra kick. 

I think the cute pots would be a great snack to have if you are having a night in, in front of the TV or with friend’s lovelies, as well as a perfect treat for a party! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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