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How are you all? Well I hope! I have so much news coming up! Some huge news in fact, but before I share it with you lovelies, I thought I would get the latest release news out to you, as I know many of you and myself love this aha! 

Today we are starting with this news from Animatsu Entertainment, as the company have announced that they will be releasing two new live action films celebrating the ‘Halo’ saga, called ‘Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn’ and ‘Halo: Nightfall’, from the 7th December on DVD and Blu-ray!

"We're very excited to be bringing the latest instalment from the Halo universe to the UK" said Andrew Hewson, Marketing Manager at Animatsu Entertainment. "Fans have played the games, read the books, enjoyed the live action releases and now have the chance to immerse themselves in this amazing animated feature, where we discover the origins of Halo's most iconic character, the Master Chief!"

As well as this, Momentum Pictures have announced that they will be releasing ‘Imba Means Sing’ on all digital platforms from the 4th December! 

The release will be celebrated all over the world lovelies, and will help raise awareness for musical education across the globe. 

 “We are excited to bring this feel-good, family film to audiences around the globe during the holiday season,” said Berry Meyerowitz, President, Momentum Pictures.  “By simply purchasing the film, audiences will be giving back to a wonderful organization, which is a great way to marry charitable giving and watching movies.”

“This movie has been a passion project of mine for over four years and I’m thrilled the choir’s story is finally being shared cinematically,” said Bernhardt.  “These kids are an inspiration and I look forward to people becoming more aware of the African Children’s Choir’s work.”

Look out for all of these soon! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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