Good Morning Lovelies, 

With Halloween sadly over we are now getting ready for Christmas and this is the time of the year in which I come out of my shell and jump around the room with excitement because it is my favourite time of the year! 

This is why I have decided to focus this week’s film works on a place in which I think makes Christmas come to life, which is of course the amazing Southbank Christmas market. For me this is everything and more about Christmas and I have to visit every single stall before it ends, to make sure I have every Christmas item I can get my hands on in my home. 

There is a certain charm to the small market that makes it different to others, because not only does it capture the magic of winter in a beautiful way, but the help of the city skyline while looking through all the stalls makes it even more amazing. 

I feel as though when I visit the market I just know that I am going to be falling in  love with this time of year all over again. It is an amazing chance for the world to see and feel the little beauties within London in such a small walk. 

It was on a school trip in fact lovelies that I found the market, as we were walking along the Southbank to get to the BFI theatre, which is near to it. I got very excited to the point my teacher probably wanted to lose me aha, as I saw all of the gingerbread houses and wreaths lining the entrances to the little wooden huts. 

I then had to take my mum back the year after, and now it has become a tradition for the pair of us to go and visit the markets around Christmas time, as we fall in love with the magic in which it provides. In our home anything that is different and unusual goes, which is why I think in fact we love this Christmas spectacular so much, as we fall for its little charms that have been hand made by the people in which run the stalls. 

I don’t think anyone anywhere could escape the true charms in which are hidden within them and I think the world of Christmas is shown in London through these stalls. This may sound strange but honestly I would suggest that you all go and visit them to see what I mean lovelies.

The Southbank is truly a lovely place for everyone to visit, as there is always something happening, but when it comes to Christmas it comes to life and I can’t wait to experience all of this again this year. 

Thank You London Southbank Christmas Market!!!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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