Hey Lovelies, 

Today's film works is a little different to the norm lovelies, because I decided to focus this week’s piece on a film, because it has been brought up a lot in the past two weeks! 

If there is any film that can make me happy it has to be 'Edward Scissorhands'! I know it may sound strange and I know the film is a little dark, but I have an obsession with the ways in which the film has changed so much within the industry. 

Not only did it launch Johnny Depp's career, but the film managed to change the ways in which cinema was viewed. Goths were made cool, colour blended with darkness and the world within it was so different to anything seen before. 

Burton made a film that I am so in love with and share constantly with my family. I hadn't realised in fact just how much it had influenced my life until I went and saw the ballet version of the film and nearly cried at the end because of its beauty. There were no words to describe the emotions that went through my mind in that moment. 

I have always been brought up thinking that the film isn't a horror but a sad piece. However I think there is something beautiful about it all. It has a deep message, which is that the imperfect people are the best kind of people. 

There is an innocence to them that is fresh and different, making the imperfect being that is Edward, so perfect in the eyes of those around him.

I haven't witnessed or felt the love for this film by someone else and I wanted to speak to you lovelies about it in case you were all in love with it to! 

Please let me know lovelies! Or tell me which film makes you feel emotional whenever you see it! 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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