Hey Lovelies,

Every week since I started focusing on one film I have been getting a lot of responses from you lovely people, so I thought I would continue by looking at one of my favourite Disney films. 

When I was little I lived for the Princesses, in fact I still do! And the one that won my heart over the most was the amazing Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast', a figure who I think gets overshadowed so much. 

The whole film and her world proves so much to so many of us and for me when I look at Belle and her story I just love the way in which she fights for not only her family, but for herself. I know this is going very deep but it is something I have been noticing more and more since I began growing up (Still happening!). I think the film deserves so much more credit lovelies. 

From its amazing songs to the beautiful animation that was created within it, the film is a hidden gem that just keeps giving every time you watch it. I find myself discovering new and interesting things about it every time I watch it, as I see new little tricks and pieces and that's something that I think makes it so timeless. 

As well there is the added bonus of amazing characters including the likes of Lumiere and Mrs Potts, who are just beauty little gems. No one forgets them but the sad thing is that nobody talks about them. I wish it wasn't this way because they all provide that happy spark in life throughout the film. 

I will admit that I normally have to hold back when looking at Disney films because I always want to buy the best versions of this film. From my special edition video that I refuse to part with, to my limited edition DVD box set that includes a book that has all the recipes in it, the film is a pride of place piece in my film cupboard. In fact my parents were worried one Christmas that I wouldn't be able to have it as they knew how upset I would be about it aha! I was 16! 

Overall though lovelies, as I could go on and on about this film until the cows come home, I just want to say that I absolutely adore this film and I wish and pray that Disney begin to shine the light on it more. My heart beats double time when I see something with Belle on and I know that this feeling will never disappear! 

It is the childhood dream within me to be Belle and I love it! 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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