Hey Lovelies, 

When I first mentioned to my mum that I would be reviewing the show, ‘Holding On’, she instantly piped up about her thoughts on the show and the way in which she had followed it when it was first on TV. Therefore I thought it was a perfect chance for us to bond over the newly released DVD of it.

Following the murder of a young woman, the show takes a different turn to the shows in which we witness today, as it is not the police in which the viewer follows but the town in which she influenced. This was an interesting look at the way in which the world works and it is often not one in which has been explored on screen. 

With superb acting from all of those within the show, it becomes an instant classic that is an interesting and firm following that will have you seeking to find out more as you watch it about the families in which are starring on it. 

Therefore I am giving it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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