Hey Lovelies, 

To mark today's fashion post and this week’s tag, I thought I would celebrate the pair together and allow you inside my monochrome wardrobe aha! 

I hope that you all enjoy this post and please feel free to take it and enjoy, after you have read this aha! 

1. What colour is most of your wardrobe? 
I love monochrome clothes! I do love colour but for me there is nothing like black or white. However there is a lot of grey to! 

2. Favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe? 
It has to be the brand new dress I brought from H&M. It is pink and lacy and like nothing I have ever owned, but that isn't the only reason I love it. For me this was the dress I brought to celebrate my weight loss. 

3. Least favourite item in your wardrobe? 
I have a few terrible jumpers that have gone horrible, which I can't seem to get rid of even though I don't like them aha! 

4. A surprise item in your wardrobe?
Weirdly I keep all my perfume in my wardrobe! It is the best place to keep it lovelies if you take it out the box, as it isn't hot, plus it is dark meaning it doesn't go off as quick and it makes my clothes smell amazing. 

5. Whose wardrobe would you love to have? 
I want Effie Trinket's wardrobe from the Hunger Games! Forever that woman will be my love! Although for everyday wear aha, I want Cher's from Clueless! 

6. Is there something in your wardrobe with meaning? 
I have a few tops that have been given to me at film events or concerts that I adore because they remind me of amazing things and times that I have spent doing incredible things. I also have my prom dress which I refuse to get rid of because I felt like a sassy goddess in that aha! 

7. Who would you allow to give your wardrobe a makeover? 
Weirdly and I know she may read this, which is why it seems weird aha, but honestly my lecturer Jo because her sixties wardrobe is AMAZING!!!

8. Finally, what clothes would you love to have in your wardrobe?
A Burberry coat, an Ellie Saab dress and a Tom Ford suit! Please someone up there let this happen aha! 

What is your wardrobe like lovelies? Or what would you love to have in it? 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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