Hey Lovelies, 

This week’s tag is another one done by me that I wanted to create to let you inside my train journeys to university aha! It was something a little different that I thought of and I hope you all like it! 

I do love my train journey and I try to have as much fun on it as I can, but I know we all have an interesting journey, so please feel free to take this and do it yourself, once you have read this of course aha! 


1. How long is your train journey? 
My train journey takes me around 40 to 45 minutes every day lovelies. Sometimes it can be shorter and other days it can be longer. 

2. What do you read on your journey? 
I like to pick up something different and challenge myself or I like to read what people suggest. At the moment it is 'Throne of Glass'.

3. What is the thing you love the most about your journey? 
I love seeing the lights in the dark! I love it mostly at Christmas when everyone is happy and going home or going somewhere because their happiness is infectious! 

4. What is your least favourite part of your journey? 
It dips between two things, the people if they are rude, although many of them aren't and the time, which annoys me when I just want to get home quickly. 

5. Best thing you have ever seen on the train? 
I once saw a snake on the train, with its owner, and the whole carriage was just going mad over it and loving having it on there. It showed everyone talking and coming together. 

6. Worst thing you have ever seen on the train? 
The worst thing was on the underground when I saw an old lady litter really badly. It annoyed me because there was no need for her to do so and I thought it was rude. 

7. Who do you like to travel with? 
I like travelling with everyone. I love going places with my friends and family, but I also love travelling with strangers, as I love knowing that we are all going somewhere and all have a story. 

8. Finally if you could go anywhere on the train, where would it be? 
Somewhere abroad that is hot and sunny and could take me to other places. Or to places in the UK I haven't been! There are so many! 

I hope you all enjoyed this tag lovelies and I hope to hear all about your favourite journeys or moments you have had lovelies! Leave them in the comments below! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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