Hey Lovelies, 

This week I thought I would explore another figure within the film industry, whose fashion I love, however I have decided to look at a man this week, because we haven’t done that before and men’s fashion can be just as cool! 

A few of you will know that anything in which Ryan Gosling touches, looks at or does, will make me fall in love with him so much more. I honestly believe that I am single because my heart is broken over Gosling aha! And therefore to mend it I thought I would spend today’s fashion post talking about his characters best looks. 

Let’s Start With This One…

His Jacket in Drive: Okay so I am starting with the big one, but for me this jacket is the ultimate cool item in which recent film costume designers have created. It is like Danny’s jacket from ‘Grease’ but cooler! I want one, and I am sure many of you do to lovelies. 

His Suit Trousers in Crazy, Stupid Love: Right let’s get this out of the way; I couldn’t just say his torso could I aha! So I went with his trousers, although I know none of you are looking at them right now! I happen to think though that these trousers help to highlight the torso aha! 

His Tattoos in The Place beyond the Pines: Not really an item of clothing, but his tattoos within this film became a fashionable item after they appeared in this film. He manages to keep the cool vibe going with the fake sleeves that look incredible. 

His Blue Suit Jacket in Blue Valentine: I don’t know a look that has been so quick to be picked up, as this one lovelies, as the jacket just oozes cool and beauty in a look that is only in the film for about five seconds lovelies.

His Plaid Coat in The Notebook: I couldn’t do this post and not mention Noah lovelies! He is a film hero and his plaid shirts where something that is pure beauty. Oh to snuggle up in one of those bad boys. 

Okay I am going to have to cool off lovelies aha! But let me know what look you think looks best on Mr Gosling? Oh who are we kidding they are all amazing aha! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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