Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

I am back at last lovelies! I have been working out and trying to do some university work, but unfortunately the lighting is horrible! Just horrible! So I thought I would brighten my day and mood with this very exciting release news! 

Let’s start with this news from EOneUK, who have announced that they will be releasing ‘The Cobbler’ digitally from the 14th December lovelies and on DVD from the 4th January lovelies! 

And now prepare to learn Wah Wah lovelies, as Snoopy and everyone have come together to help us learn the language, by clicking here: http://www.wahwahmachine.com/intl/uk/ before we all go and see the film. 

As well as this Metrodome have announced that they will be releasing ‘Essex Boys: The Truth’ in cinemas from the 6th December lovelies! The film follows the true story about three men who were found murdered in Essex and the shocking truth behind them 10 years later, so look out for it soon. 

Also announced today lovelies, was the news of a brand new day, known as #GetMoistDay, to celebrate the release of ‘Dapper Laughs: The Res-Erection Live’ DVD lovelies on the 16th November! 

Finally lovelies, I can announce that MUBI have added two new films to their service, which look at the fear within America. Celebrating David Fincher’s classic thriller, ‘Panic Room’ and Errol Morris’ documentary ‘The Fog of War’, the service will make sure that they look at the subjects in depth lovelies.

Look out for all of these soon! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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