Hey Lovelies,

It may be a strange time to be watching a Christmas film, but for me Christmas could come when winter does. I love the season, the atmosphere, the lights and the films in which should only be watched at this time of year, including the new ones. Including the brand new one, called ‘A Christmas Star’, which I was very fortunate to sit down and watch in October. 

Following a young girl, known as Noel, the film sees her go on a journey along with her friends and family to make the magic of Christmas come back to life, in a way in which they can all finally enjoy it. There is a beauty within the film that makes the innocence of childhood at that time of year sparkle, and the cast is very much making this there aim throughout. 

They have brought to life the innocence of the child’s mind at that time of year and the way in which we would all like to spend that time of the year, by making our families and friends happy. Her innocence though is not something that is downplayed and at times it can make the film a bit long winded. 

But not to the effect in which makes you want to turn off and not watch it. In fact you want to keep watching more to see the reactions of the family members who are older and more willing to give audiences a more realistic outlook at that time of year, with their true feelings.

Therefore I am taking the star and placing it at the top of the tree with this...

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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