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So as many of you know I am a huge fan of winter and while I don’t like being cold, I do love the cozy nights in with a hot cup of tea/chocolate and a snuggly blanket! And it seems lovelies that you all do to; as Cadbury’s have found that we love the winter months as much as the summer ones!

And because of this lovelies, the company have announced something huge that I am actually so thrilled about and if I see one I will probably have a burst of very embarrassing excitement aha, as the Cadbury Hot Chocolate have given an ice cream van a makeover so that it will serve Cadbury Drinking Chocolate instead. 

Speaking about the new idea, Dominic Abruzzo 50, from Bristol who has become the first ice cream van man to swap cones for cups, said, “I always wish away the winter months, waiting for that first summer day. This year I had the chance to bring as much joy to people in winter which was brilliant. As soon as I got the call from Cadbury I dusted off my slippers, put down the paper and fired up the van!”

While, Indre Nagyte, Brand Manager for Cadbury Hot chocolate said: “We wanted to bring some joy into winter and bring our fans some warming goodness over this freezing period. We know everyone needs a warming, comforting cup of delicious hot chocolate sometimes so this is a great way to make sure it is delivered in a joyful way.”

This is the perfect thing to snuggle up with and enjoy while looking at the new treats from MUBI, as the company celebrate the birthday's of Fritz Lang and Jean-Luc Godard lovelies, as our the BFI who is dedicating three seasons to the legendary director, showcasing a ton of his films that will warm you this winter!


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