Hey Lovelies, 

This week I wanted to focus on the fashion of the film industry by helping you find some of the best film inspired fashion items out there at the moment lovelies! I will admit that I was going to do a piece on the items seen in films, which I think I will definitely be doing soon. 

But today I wanted to share some of my favourite film inspired pieces and believe me when I say my student loan is going to be taking a dip because of this aha! 

Let’s start with this one…

Beauty and the Beast PJ’s from Topshop: If you know me lovelies then you know that I adore everything to do with this film! I am going to Disneyland Paris next year for my 21st birthday, just so I can celebrate with them aha and these PJ’s are on the top of my Christmas wish list. http://bit.ly/1I0zxpN

Star Wars T-Shirt from H&M: My favourite shop has done it again by producing this brilliant film inspired top, that I think has the best print within it. I love the bright pinks and purples lovelies. http://bit.ly/1HZhJkg

Elf T-Shirt from Truffle Shuffle: If you haven’t guessed I am obsessed with this website and of course Christmas, so when I saw this I had to include it because it is from one of the best Christmas films ever. http://bit.ly/214FcXI 

Ron Swanson Badge from Ooh Deer: If there is a show in which I take life advice from it is ‘Parks and Rec’ lovelies and this pin is perfection because it will remind us all of the man who runs the show. http://bit.ly/1MWAzo1

Barbie T-Shirt from Truffle Shuffle: I’m a Barbie girl and I want this shirt in my life because it is amazing and mixes together my love of such an icon, who I admit I will follow on Instagram, and Beyonce. http://bit.ly/1I0BxOO

I know there are lots more I could be including lovelies, but I loved these few film and TV pieces so much that I automatically wanted to share them with you lovelies on the #FilmFriday fashion post aha! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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