Good Evening Lovelies, 

I have been busy sorting a few items out for university, as I am trying to get a few things out of the way, but now that they are done, I am back and with some brewing news! Quite literally in fact lovelies! 

With many of you now on your way home from work, school, university, days out or even going to work, school, university and on days out, there is something that you will all be or most of you will be dreaming about…a nice cup of tea! 

And now the heavens have answered all of our prayers lovelies, as PG Tips have created some brand new tea pods for their machines, in exotic flavours, plus the classic ones, which can be found at Ocado lovelies!

From now on lovelies, you can have flavoured teas including, caramel, vanilla, green tea, peppermint or raspberry and apple, waiting for you to pop on and have in seconds, instead of having to wait for the kettle to pop, which to be frank does my head in aha. All you have to do with the new pods lovelies, is follow the simple rules created by Monkey to enjoy them. 

How to create a perfect cup of tea according to Monkey and Me:
1. Rinse your machine (as per the guidelines)
2. Choose which delicious flavour you’ll sample first
3. Make sure you peel off the lid of your chosen tea
4. Place the capsule in your Nespresso machine and you’re all set
5. Choose your favourite mug, push the button and it’s all systems go!
6. Enjoy your PG tips tea, brewed in an instant, directly from your Nespresso machine

Let’s get brewing lovelies! Mum if you are reading this, it is your turn to put the kettle on! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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