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I am sorry for to keep disappearing and then coming back! I have been going out of my mind with little but very big tasks lovelies and I can’t stop aha! However I have returned and with a lovely interview in which I did with the director and presenter of new film, ‘Death Of A Gentleman’ lovelies, Mr Sam Collins! 

Together we spoke about the film and everything in which Sam wanted to present on screen lovelies, which I hope you all enjoy reading before you witness the film. Enjoy…

Can You Sum Up For People Who Don’t Know About The Film, What It Is About In One Sentence?
Something precious, that a lot of people care about, being exploited and destroyed by the greed and  self-interest of those charged with its survival.

How Did You Come About Making The Film? 
We’d been working in cricket and could see there was a problem. Luckily we managed to raise £15k to start filming, and hang in there for three years to cover what was essentially a car driving off a cliff in slow motion.

What Was It About This Story That Made You Want To Make It On The Big Screen? 
Cricket is the second biggest sport in the world, has huge relevance at least in the history of the colonial countries, and the situation it found itself in was the perfect metaphor for what was happening in the rest of the world. Plus we had a perfect cast of characters, a real hero and some genuine villains, plus a few ambiguous ones for intrigue. More than this we wanted what we were doing to have longevity, to reach the widest possible audience to spread the word of the game and what was happening to it, and to reach the younger demographic that the game is falling out of touch with, and we knew a film was the best way to do that.

Where Did You Find The People That Starred In The Film And How Did You Get Them Involved? 
A mixture of chance and persistance. Some, like Ed Cowan (who was our mate and then got picked for Australia the day we landed) fell into our lap. Others, like the mercurial Lalit Modi and the whistleblower David Becker took months or years of hard work to pin down.

How Does It Feel To Have Such An Amazing Response Towards The Film? 
It’s brilliant, but once we’d got over the shock of people wanting to watch it we quickly realised it meant nothing if we couldn’t use the film to make a difference. That’s why we’ve started our #changecricket ( campaign, and we hope to channel peoples anger at what they’ve seen into something constructive, and use political pressure to push for independent governance for cricket. We’ve seen this is a problem in Football and Athletics, all these sports will fall apart if we don’t get rid of the people who are involved in them for the wrong reasons.

Finally Can You Tell Us Anything About Your Next Project?
Documentary is addictive, I’d be lucky to find another subject where there was such a passionate audience and a real opportunity to make a difference, but I’ll try!

Catch the film soon lovelies and thank you Sam for answering my questions!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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